Best Online Psychics

In our quest to find the best online psychics we tried many psychic websites and the best one we found so far is Read our review below.

Unlike other psychic networks like Psychic Source and Keen Oranum is a bit different in that they don’t do your readings primarily by phone but by webcam video chat where you are able to see the psychic you have chosen face to face.

Best Online Psychics

If you are not 100% comfortable with chatting with a psychic over the phone the intimacy provided by video chat I found can help ease some of those fears. I also found getting a psychic reading to be more accurate than readings done by phone or email. I think it is because there is more of an intimate connection that develops when you and your psychic can see each other.

Another thing I liked about Oranum is that they offer free psychic chat so you can check out the psychics and find one you have a connection with. While if you want to get a full psychic reading you will have to buy credits you can ask some simple questions in order to get a feel for whether they are the right psychic for you.

Though they are not really supposed to answer specific questions for free I have seen a few psychics give readings for free anyways. It depends on the psychic and the mood they are in but sometimes ou can get luck.

Though generally how it works is that you sign up for a free account at then look an search through the numerous different types of live psychics on the site and choose one that you think will fit your needs and find a connection with. Once you have found the psychic that will give you the answers, insight and peace of mind you need you buy some credits if you haven’t done that already and begin the full psychic reading.

The site itself is easy to navigate and use and the webcam video streaming was clear and of high quality. It is easy to find the type of psychic that you want to use. They have plenty of psychics that give different types of readings like tarot, numerology, clairvoyant, horoscope, love and medium readings and so on. There is also user feedback, comments and ratings on each psychic so you can get a good idea on which psychics are good and others

As far as pricing goes it is up to each individual psychic to pick their price which can make it vary quite a bit but it also helps you get some great deals as some psychics will drop their prices and you can get a quality reading for next to nothing. While the prices per minute vary quite a bit the average seems to be around $0.99 a minute which is pretty cheap for a reading no matter what medium you get it from. They have a bunch of different ways you can pay like credit and debit card, bank wire and by phone. I have used my credit card many times on this website and there were no weird or shady charges which was a relief.

When it comes to the quality of the psychics at they are surprisingly good when it comes to how many people work on the site. With so many active psychics working there are bound to be a few bad apples but there is not as many as you would expect. As I mentioned before make sure to check out the comments and ratings on any psychic you may be interested in using to see what kind of feedback they have good or bad.

In summary if you have problems in your life with relationships, heath, work, love and so on Oranum is a good option to get the answers you need. The psychics are quality, the prices are decent and the website is honest. If you are in a bind and need some answers in our life or are just simply curious to what the future holds click here to sign up for free account at