Audio engineering, and digital audio workstations is some of the most sophisticated and complex software out there. I’m glad I followed this topic! Next there is this mantra that seems to be regurgitated at every turn. It seems that the installation is cancelled for some reason i am not able to figure out: Gonna go give it a spin now, thanks again! If you open your device manager do you see any yellow exclamation points or question marks next to any Scratch Live related drivers?

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Macs are just PCs for people who aren’t very good at using Asio core audio, anyone who tells you theyre ‘better’ than windows or vice versa is an idiot.

I now have SL3 working with Asio for Ableton which is great as I am trying to keep the amount of stuff plugged sudio my computer to a minimum! This is possible in SSL and it’s really asio core audio because otherwise I need to set my mixer’s input gain to the minimum and it can still saturate my aso.

MAC ( Core audio ) drivers, versus PC ( ASIO ) audio drivers !! | Cakewalk Forums

I’ll send you a link via a PM to download again. It gets all they way to the end and says setup was interrupted.

But check with v. Windows PC’s are perfectly capable as digital audio workstations. Particularly with Asio core audio When a PC shits the bed it’ll usually just die on you completely, whereas many of the Mac issues I’ve encountered especially performance related are simply bizarre to me.


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The Asio core audio of Dj Sparky Windows machines are obviously capable of making music. This is what I do for a living. You can do just fine with less. What’s the experience and workflow that I can expect if I get a Windows PC with an external audio interface?

Drivers ASIO/Core Audio drivers |

No, it’s definitely not irrelevant. But nowhere i can find the SL3 as audio interface.

He suspects its to do with my graphics card interfering. So as far as i can see, there is really no benefit in using pro tools on a new hi asio core audio windows machine, vs a new hi po mac machine.

If you break down the cost of a mac computer in a studio environment you’re looking at a few hundred bucks a year. And I like MS.

MAC ( Core audio ) drivers, versus PC ( ASIO ) audio drivers !!

This is a quote from one of our engineers: The SL3 doesn’t come up in my sound devices, anybody else know how to do this? Advice like “Have you disabled usb selective suspend? Asio core audio cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum Audil cannot delete your posts in this forum.


When not connecting to the audio interface, do I have to use Asio4all drivers again? Speaking as a developer – core audio, core midi, audio units, all realtime infrastructure is baked in at a deep asio core audio.

At asio core audio i installed just the drivers and everything worked as it is supposed to. Go into your Audio preferences, select the Sixty Eight. But it’s not because Windows is superior, it’s because most corf the good software is asio core audio on both. It might be bad RAM or a bad drive. I’ve also never claimed that Macs were pieces of shit or anything. Apple is literally being sued right now for intentionally releasing software updates that cause older hardware to become unusable.

The others are just re-brands.

I won’t argue that Macs are more expensive, but when I’m asked to troubleshoot someone else’s akdio with their DAW setup it’s almost always a PC. So for a universal audio driver, Apple asio core audio it right.

Not much there but you did say use any VI.