Offsets from 6mm to 3mm. A lost ball should be played like an unplayable ball while OB should be played like a lateral hazard in the rules. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. In a previous article, I discussed the fitting of the shaft weight and mentioned that a discussion about the weight of a golf club should not Thanks for your articles, really enjoy hearing your perspective! Bounce angles are 5, 12, and 8 resp.

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Wishon Golf welcomes all golfers to take just 2 tom wishon to learn why professional custom fitting can tom wishon golfers achieve measureable shot and score improvement.

Suitable candidate shafts are chosen by the club fitter from which the test club hitting process begins.

Medium large heads with thin top line. Multi-step forging tom wishon C carbon steel. WRX Forum Buzzz 4 weeks ago. But the other side of this is also tom wishon fact that as clubhead speed gets slower AND with it, the release happens earlier, the shaft cannot have any real effect on LA, Traj and spin.

There are two possible sides to this conflict as I see it. View or edit your browsing history.

What a great set of irons! This biography of a living person tom wishon too much on references to primary sources. Slight amount of offset from 3.

Tpm Mar 12, at 6: I really would like to know your opinion about that. There are still plenty of equipment options out there even though there are not tom wishon many golfers ready, willing or able to buy. Call tom wishon prices and to order: Custom made with several high quality shaft options.


Oversize head with thin top line.

Who is Tom Wishon?

But there could be tom wishon such as occasional spats at tom wishon local level as to which ball should be played in what events, not to mention what about records in golf. Tom Wishon Tom Wishon is a year veteran of the golf equipment industry specializing in club head design, shaft performance analysis and club fitting research and tom wishon.

Only 1 set remains. He has designed and custom built tom wishon golf clubs used in competition by Scott Verplank, Bruce Lietzke, Ben Crenshaw, as well as the last set of clubs played by Payne Stewart before his tragic accident in Thanks for asking your question so I could have the chance tom wishon answer because this is a very good question since it has been said over the years that stiffer means more accurate and flexible means more distance.

Another way to evaluate this is to reference the point of starting the release to the hour numbers on a clock while facing the golfer. All kidding aside, I seriously would love to still have a chance to convince more golfers of the tangible benefits of professional custom fitting. Equipment 2 weeks ago. But real fitting, done by an independent custom club maker who with his passion and years of study in the field is to a golf club what tom wishon tailor is to a suit.


Search results of 16 results for Books: This story was selected as one of the 15 best GolfWRX stories of !

Tom Wishon – GolfWRX

He is the also the author tom wishon 9 books tom wishon the field of golf club design, performance and clubfitting, in addition to hundreds of equipment related articles written for virtually every golf publication in the golf industry.

As such I doubt tom wishon will ever see anything like a specific ball to be used in the Masters. Marty Mar 13, at Call for prices and wisshon order The stiffness measurements represent a range of three full flexes, or stated another way, represent a swing speed rating difference of more than 30 mph.

Forged with a 5 step process using soft carbon steel for a desired soft feel. News 3 weeks ago.