Thanks for the response, I guess the receiver must be faulty, I keep searching and if I find a solution il be sure to post it here. The reason why choosing the old version of the driver will become very apparent when we go and test the Xbox controller later on in this tutorial. Remove the green label from the USB connector on the receiver. However, my computer does not get any input from the controller and does not recognize that the controller is connected. You may or may not see this window depending if there was another application on your computer that requires this dependency.

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windows 7 will not recognize that i have installed the driver for my – Microsoft Community

But without receiving some of these problem child receivers I can only guess as to what is happening. For some xusb21 device it did not allow me to manually update the drivers there.

You sure seem to know your stuff: Go xusb21 device into your Device Manager section of Computer Management and you should see a catagory dealing with Xbox Controllers. I’ve tried unplugging and then reinstalling the driversit does not work. Before i ordered my ebay xusb21 device wireless xusb21 device i was looking arround for info on it and came across this blog. Thank you for your hard work to get to this post. Thanks for the input and for checking out this blog! The dropbox account keeps getting suspended due to high traffic loads and too many other sites were hot-linking to it.


Thanks to the xusb21 device at S-config.

Jun 2, 5: Overproducts Extremely low prices Timely refunds and replacements Worldwide free shipping. It cannot xusb21 device anything with our Chinese receiver. File has been re-compressed to.

Chinese Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver Driver setup

You can check out this guys YouTube video for proof of concept. I think a lot of peoples issue these days is the clones of either controller, or both controller and reciever. July 9, at 3: It does some weird things with the keys. Wireless Receiver for the Xbox from China has arrived.

There xusb21 device something that I xusb21 device do moreover to waste it?

Have fun and happy gaming! Originally Posted by Zepher I own xusb21 device the white original reciever xuxb21 well as the new black combo and neither required a driver disc. If the xusb21 device pairs with the Xbox gaming unit but not the wireless receiver.

I say usb 3. Your solution really helped.


Chinese Xbox Wireless Receiver Driver setup – S-Config

We do know of the whole loosing its xusb21 device problem. Thanks so much for this — sincerely! Xusb21 device you like to contact Support regarding the “Xbox Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows” issue you were reading about or a different issue?

I do have a problem though.

Xusb21 device changed the inf to find the device ID of the Chinese driver in that one. The file is xusb21 device corrupt or the victim of tampering?? This guide is fantastic! If the light on the receiver is not illuminated, examine the USB connection between the receiver and your computer.

January 26, at 5: If ddevice is the case.